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Book, papers and reports

Service Design with Theory, Discussions on Change, Value and Methods, edited by Satu Mietinnen and Anu Valtonen, 2012 (book)

Design for Services by Anna Meroni and Daniela Sangiorgi, 2011 (book)

Design and Creativity: Policy, Management and Practice by Guy Julier and Liz Moor, 2009 (book)

Design Transitions by Joyce Yee, Emma Jefferies & Lauren Tan, 2013 (book)

Restarting Britain 2: Design & Public Services (report)

Design in Public and Social Innovation (report)

The Concept of Value in Design Practice by Katherine Edman (conference paper)

Exploring the Value of a Design for Service Approach to Develop Public Services in the Community Voluntary Sector: A Comparative Analysis by Laura Warwick et al (Paper)

Experience-value: A Framework for Determining Values in Service Design Approaches by Menno Manschot and Froukje Sleeswijk Visser (paper)


Mapping Social Design Project 

Service Design Research Network

Relating to Impact

Participle’s Four Core Capabilities

Uscreates Social Value Toolkit

Social Impact Analysts Association