Comprehensive project findings can be found in the project report. A summary of the findings is listed below and divided into three questions:

1. What aspects of a design-led approach (Cross-disciplinary & Design Specific) are valued? 

Cross-disciplinary (Approach, Mindset and Role)
– Challenge preconceptions
– Non-solutioneering
– Creating a safe space to innovate
– Feeling comfortable with complexity
– Risk taking
– Critical friend

Design models, roles & processes
Distilling & synthesising through visualisation
Outputs that are tangible and open to critique
Imagineering futures through stories and artefacts

2. What is the impact of a design-led approach?

Building capacity & skills
Through transfer of tools, processes and skills

Culture change
Openness to ideas
Permission to challenge status quo
Permission to innovate
Piloting new ways of working

New business models
Generating new income streams

Increased engagement
Creation of more effective forms of consultation
Continued engagement with creative methods

3. What are the conditions for impact?

1. Create trust and build relationships.
2. Establish Project Champions at all levels.
3. Build capacity and skills as a key aim.
4. Create compelling stories as evidence and persuasion.
5. Align social and economic drivers.
6. Engage and communicate successfully to build a community.
7. Foster a culture of openness.
8. Strong leadership and resources to support and deliver project outcomes.
9. Acknowledge and recognise expertise in the project team.
10. Adopt a multi-disciplinary approach.